A dance workshop is essentially an open dance class that anybody is free to attend. Attending workshops is a fantastic way for dancers to broaden their experience, step outside their comfort zones, make connections and discover new ways to move and create.

Often when attending a workshop you’ll be in a completely new space with lots of new people. Sometimes this can be quite overwhelming but you should remember that you’re all there for the same reason; because you love to dance!

Every workshop is run completely different to the next, but as a general outline here’s what to expect. Most workshops run a warm-up at the beginning of class but to be safe you should warm yourself up while you wait just in case.

Workshops are a great place to connect with other dancers. It is so important to make friends with other people in the dance community, especially with those from different cities! It’s also great to create a positive dance community and get to know the people who also share a passion for dance.