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I usually get this question asked once every week, so let me talk about this. I am not here to make a judgment or suggest one over the other, you should ideally try both the styles and see which one suits you the best. One thing I have noticed, inContinue Reading

I have been social dancing for a while now, and during this time I have seen some interesting things – both good and bad. So below are a few suggested rules of etiquette. Smell good, please prevent or neutralize offensive body odor, including breath. I am sure your dance partnerContinue Reading

Dance Small: One of the biggest challenges with kizomba followers is to keep their dancing small. Dancers coming from other dance styles may be used to large and dramatic movements, in kizomba everything is very subtle. Followers don’t over interpret leads, match their energy, step size and body movements precisely.PredictingContinue Reading

Clear Leading:Lead with your frame (mainly chest), let your foot be the last thing to move going forward. Its your frame which moves the follower and not the feet.Take your time:You can learn all the fancy moves in the class, but the real test is on the dance floor. ThisContinue Reading

Lead, be the first to ask someone for a dance, politely put your left hand forward and wait for the follower to accept the dance. Don’t force connection, do not force the follower to come close until they are ready, accept that some wont accept close dancing. Listen first toContinue Reading

In the previous posts I spoke about Zouk Love Vs Semba, in this post I will compare Coladera with Kizomba MusicCOLADERAIs a music genre from Cabo Verde.The word Coladera initially referred to the act of going out and singing the cola. According to the oral tradition, a new musical genreContinue Reading

Last post I talked about Kompa (or Compa) and Zouk, here I will talk about Zouk Love and SembaZOUK-LOVEZouk-love was also created at the initiative of Kassav’s band, around 1985, it was done by slowing down the zouk music and adding romantic themed lyrics. Musically speaking it is very similarContinue Reading

There are various types of music you can dance Kizomba to, I am sure you noticed the difference in the music, rhythm, tempo and feeling. Also pay attention to how your mood and attitude changed to the music, that’s real dancing. There are more post with some simple comparison ofContinue Reading