Kizomba Music Genre: Part 2 (Zouk Love Vs Semba)

Last post I talked about Kompa (or Compa) and Zouk, here I will talk about Zouk Love and Semba
Zouk-love was also created at the initiative of Kassav’s band, around 1985, it was done by slowing down the zouk music and adding romantic themed lyrics. Musically speaking it is very similar to zouk, but now missing the fast rhythm and carnival tone, the vocals are softer and more romantic. It is still sung in French / French creole.
Here’s a sample of Zouk Love

Carlos Aniceto Vieira Dias, is considered the father of popular Angolan music. His band was called N’Gola Ritmos, in the 1950s. It was the first Angolan band introducing reco reco and congas in their songs, instruments which are very common in semba.
Semba is very popular in Angola even today, other styles influenced by semba in Angola are rebita, as well as kazukuta and kabetula which are primarily carnival music and kizomba.
Semba lyrics normally talk about day-by-day life and social events and activities. Semba is the predecessor to a variety of music styles originating from Angola like kizomba and kuduro, or kuduru, which could be considered the Angolan version of techno/house.
Here’s a sample of Semba

To recap, there are multiple music genre you can dance Kizomba to Coladeira, Ghetto Zouk, Cola Zouk, Kizomba, Afro zouk, Kompa, Gumbe, Cabo zouk, Zouk and Cabo Love

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