Tips on becoming a good Kizomba Leader

Clear Leading:
Lead with your frame (mainly chest), let your foot be the last thing to move going forward. Its your frame which moves the follower and not the feet.
Take your time:
You can learn all the fancy moves in the class, but the real test is on the dance floor. This does not mean you should not go to the higher-level classes, but also don’t stop practicing your basics until you get them right.
Practice as much as you can, in the kitchen, at the class, at the parties and even in your head. You don’t need a partner to practice, Mester Petchu taught me the best partner you can find for practice is your broom stick. Now go and show that stick who is the boss 😊
Switch Roles:
Leads, have you ever tried following? Try it, it will give you a good view of how it feels to be a follower and what would you expect from a lead to follow effortless.
This is the most crucial thing according to me, you can learn the musicality and steps and moves and all, but the feeling you get and project during your dancing comes from within. Keep smiling and have fun, if you make a mistake on the dance floor, who cares, laugh and move on.

Please watch the interview with Lukas Enciso on top 10 tips for Kizomba Leaders…

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