Tips on becoming a good Kizomba Follower

Dance Small:

One of the biggest challenges with kizomba followers is to keep their dancing small. Dancers coming from other dance styles may be used to large and dramatic movements, in kizomba everything is very subtle. Followers don’t over interpret leads, match their energy, step size and body movements precisely.
Predicting moves and patterns:
Kizomba moves can be executed in multiple ways, I have seen at least 10 variations of men and lady saida in social dancing and if you add timing to it the combination gets bigger. There is no way you can predict (sometimes even the leads don’t know) what move the leader is going to execute. So rather than focusing on the move or the pattern, focus more on being grounded, hip movements or connection.
Be sensitive, be precise:
I don’t necessarily agree with the statement “Followers don’t think; Just follow”, followers have a lot of thinking to do but focus mainly on the leader’s frame and listen to 3 things – direction, length and timing. Move in the precise direction of the frame of the leader, travel based on the distance and commitment the frame leads you and move precisely when the leader moves you. Prepare to be stopped when the leader’s frame stops.
On the final note Kizomba requires you to be still, to listen, keep adjusting your body to the tiny, precise leads you are being led. The best skill you can develop is to be sensitive, and to move delicately

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