My Kizomba classes are structured to provide you with the proper foundation. They will give you the skills to dance socially. My belief is that if you can walk then you can learn to dance Kizomba! There isn’t anything that can’t be accomplished with time and positivity. You don’t need a dance partner as we rotate during the class.

The Kizomba courses go through all general rules for leading and following in Kizomba. A lot of information is shared in progressive and practical classes that go straight to the point, without unnecessary fluff, taught in a fun way.

Courses are usually 8 weeks, at the moment I am running two courses ‘Fundamentals and Techniques’ and ‘Fundamentals Plus and Techniques’, please scroll down to see the typical schedule.

Kizomba Fundamentals and Technique Course

In this course you will learn basic fundamentals and elements of Kizomba, you will be introduced to understanding music and directions to add dynamics to your dancing, I call it ‘Drawing on the dance floor’.

Sample schedule of the 8 week course:
Week 1
Brief History of Kizomba
Introduction to Grounding (effective weight displacement)
Cavalinho (Base 1)
Week 2
Passo Base 2 (and variations)
On Time or In Tune? (simple introduction to song structure)
Connection with your partner
Week 3
Introduction to Marka (Kizomba element 1)
Passo Base 3 (and variations)
Body Position and Body Leading
Week 4
Introduction to Balance (Kizomba element 2)
Drawing on the dance floor
Types of Kizomba Music
Week 5
Introduction to Contra-tempo (Kizomba element 3)
Active following vs Passive following
Connection with the music
Week 6
Introduction to Curve
Half Circle
Week 7
Introduction to Rotation
Ethics and Etiquette on the dance floor
Week 8
Introduction to Diamond
Estrela (4 Tempos)
How to become a better dancer

Who is this course aimed at?

Kizomba dancer?
If you have been doing Kizomba and know the moves, come and cement your fundamentals and technique to enhance your dancing experience.

New to dancing?
Kizomba is a good dance style to choose at the beginning of your dancing journey. By the end of the course, you will be familiar with basic steps and their variations, enough to dance all night and have fun.

Latin dancer?
Kizomba leading and following is different to other latin styles. Come and explore your existing dance skills and see how it can be utilised for dancing Kizomba.

Kizomba Fundamentals Plus and Technique Course

For this course you are expected to know basic fundamentals and elements of Kizomba, as during this course you will extend the fundamentals to add your own creativity and concepts to another level, enhancing your leading/following and ultimately improving your social dancing.

Sample schedule of the 8 week course:

Week 1
Base 1, Base 2, Base 3
3 Elements of Kizomba – Marka, Balance and Contra-tempo
Estrela and Virgula
Week 2
Musicality Level 1 – Playing with tempo
Understanding shapes and lines
Week 3
Introduction to exit concept (saida)
Men Saida
Levels of Energy
Week 4
Lady Saida
Connection and Flow
How to lead effectively
Week 5
Variation on Men Saida
How to follow effortlessly
Week 6
Variation on Lady Saida
Musicality Level 2 – Multiple layer
Changing Directions
Week 7
Casamento (Marriage) – Male and Women Saida Combined
Feet styling
How to avoid common mistake while leading
Week 8
Rule of 3
Introduction to leading with the right foot
How to avoid common mistakes while following/leading

Who is this course aimed at?

Kizomba dancer?
If you have been doing Kizomba and know all the moves, come and enhance your fundamentals and techniques to improve your dancing experience. You should be able to improvise using the basic moves to create your own combination and style. After all, we dont want to all look like penguins!

Social dancer?
If your goal is to social dance, this course will help you to be a great lead or follow in the social setting by giving you the tools to play with the music while communicating clearly with your dance partner.