How to develop a genuine dance attitude

  • Lead, be the first to ask someone for a dance, politely put your left hand forward and wait for the follower to accept the dance.
  • Don’t force connection, do not force the follower to come close until they are ready, accept that some wont accept close dancing.
  • Listen first to the music before you start dancing.
  • Consider the tempo of the music by marking the beats with your leg before you start dancing.
  • Start dancing with the basic steps.
  • Start dancing on the first beat.
  • Consider the musical phrases while dancing.
  • Don’t dwell on the moves you have to do but let the music guide you.
  • After the dance is over, don’t forget to thank your dance partner for the dance, take your time to take them back to the place they were sitting/standing before.
  • Be mindful of people who haven’t had a dance for a while and ask them for a dance.

And finally dance to the ability of your dance partner, do not make them feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

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