Jay Jain

I started my dance journey with Zouk, I have been doing a range of Street Latin styles, from Salsa to Bachata for over 8 years. A few years ago I tried Kizomba and it has become my passion. I have completed the following training

Kizomba and Semba Teacher Training’ with Metre Petchu

‘Kizomba Fusion Instructor Course’ with Ronie Saleh

I have performed on stage and have competed in various categories and got placed in many prestigious competitions such as the NZ Salsa Championships, Kiwi Classic and NZ Salsa Open. I am incredibly passionate about dancing, teaching, and most of all, my students. As a teacher I pay attention to detail and adapt my teaching style and methods constantly to meet my students’ needs. My calm, kind and genuine nature is appreciated by all that meet me. I always strive in developing people’s confidence in themselves, and making sure they always walk away from my class happy.

Miscellaneous Kizomba dance training with:

  • Nelson Campos (Portugal/GB)
  • Jeremy Lao & Lea Gru (New Caledonia)
  • Merwan Minoo (Tauranga)
  • Luciano Costa (Auckland)
  • Jason Stubbs (Auckland)
  • Bari Chin & Whimmy (Wellington)
  • Moushumi Chaudhury (Auckland)
  • Mikhail Mongroo (Auckland/UK)
  • Lucas Enciso (Australia)
  • Sara Nicole (Australia)
  • Eddy Vents (USA)

Other Dance Styles:

  • Zouk
  • Bachata
  • Modern Jive (Ceroc)
  • Salsa


New Zealand